Having trouble with the GDPR definitions and names of institutions? Can you tell the difference between Privacy by Design and by Default? And what about the difference between The Council of the European Union and the European Council? Practice with the GDPR Flash Cards.
This tool is available for free in the Privacy Essentials Course. You’ll need a printer to use the tool. You can print the pdf double sided, so you would have the privacy term on the front and its definition on the back. Test yourself before you go up for the exam. You can easily take the cards with you and practice while commuting. We also made a digital version, but this is exclusively available for users of the Privacy Essentials Course.

Obviously, a download from is strictly personal and may not be shared. We keep our prices very low and affordable to all who want to prepare for the difficult and expensive Privacy exams. So, there’s no need to infringe any copyrights. Thank you for understanding! We hope you like our tools like these GDPR Flash Cards.

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