Getting Ready for the AIGP Exam

Getting Ready for the AIGP Exam

Ahead of the Curve: AIGP is coming soon!

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has confirmed that the Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional (AIGP) certification exam will launch in the first quarter of 2024. Although the precise date has yet to be announced, rumors point towards a possible release in early April. Regardless of the exact date, now is the ideal time to begin your preparations. Early dedication grants you a significant advantage, allowing you to master the concepts at a comfortable pace without the pressure of last-minute cramming. To ensure you're fully equipped for success on exam day, we've meticulously developed the AIGP Exam Prep Suite – a comprehensive solution designed to guide you through every aspect of the certification process, from initial assessment to building exam-day confidence.

Rigors of the AIGP Exam

The AIGP exam serves as a rigorous assessment, designed to thoroughly test your in-depth knowledge of AI governance principles and practices. To succeed, you'll need to demonstrate a strong grasp of complex concepts and their real-world applications. This three-hour exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, with approximately 30% focused on case studies that require you to apply your knowledge to practical scenarios. Each question presents you with four potential answer options, with only one being the most accurate and complete response.

Mastery of the IAPP's official Body of Knowledge (BoK) is a non-negotiable prerequisite for success. The BoK outlines the specific areas of expertise the exam will evaluate. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with not only the content but also the structure of the BoK, ensuring your study is aligned with the expected knowledge domains. The exam fee is USD649 for IAPP members and USD799 for non-members, with discounted retakes available if needed. However, the financial investment in the exam itself pales in comparison to the time and effort required for adequate preparation. Choosing the right study resources and dedicating yourself to a consistent routine will be key factors in achieving your AIGP certification and demonstrating your expertise in the field of AI governance.

The AIGP Exam Prep Suite

To ensure you're strategically prepared and confident on exam day, we've meticulously designed the AIGP Exam Prep Suite. This comprehensive solution offers a structured and supportive approach to achieving your certification goals. By starting your preparations now, you'll position yourself to become one of the first professionals globally to obtain the coveted AIGP certification. This early achievement will distinguish you in the rapidly expanding field of AI governance, demonstrating your initiative, dedication, and expertise to potential employers and clients.

Detailed Components of the Prep Suite

The AIGP Exam Prep Suite is your one-stop-shop for achieving certification success. To ensure you have ample opportunity to practice and solidify your knowledge, we've packed it with valuable resources:

  • Get Focused: Begin your preparation with a targeted 60-question online assessment to pinpoint your strengths and areas needing extra attention. Our comprehensive 151-page Study Guide includes checklists to track your progress, along with three Special Assignments designed to reinforce your understanding of key exam concepts.
  • Master the Material: Our full-curriculum eLearning course delves deep into the essential knowledge base with 26 lessons accross 8 modules. It includes videos, over 200 articles (with audio versions for learning on the go), practice quizzes, 279 flashcards, and over 250 concept explanations for clear understanding.
  • Test Your Readiness: When you're nearing your exam date, our 100-question Trial Exam provides a realistic simulation. Detailed results analysis helps you identify any final areas for revision, ensuring you walk into the exam with confidence.

Impressive Statistics

The AIGP Exam Prep Suite offers an unmatched abundance of learning and practice materials:

  • A total of 586 questions to solidify your knowledge
  • 151-page Study Guide with valuable tools
  • 26 comprehensive lessons across 8 modules
  • 279 Flash Cards
  • Over 450 articles and concept explanations

With these resources at your disposal, you'll be thoroughly prepared to conquer the AIGP Certification Exam!

Curriculum Content Overview

The AIGP Exam Prep Suite delves into the multifaceted world of AI governance, equipping you with both the theoretical foundations and the practical skills needed to excel in this rapidly evolving field. You'll begin by solidifying your understanding of core AI concepts, the diverse types of AI systems, and their widespread applications across different industries and sectors. This foundational knowledge will be coupled with an examination of the societal implications of AI, fostering awareness of the potential benefits and the critical need for responsible development.

Building on this base, you'll explore the inherent risks associated with AI systems, learning to identify and mitigate issues related to bias, fairness, transparency, and security. The curriculum then guides you through the principles of trustworthy AI, emphasizing the importance of ethical frameworks and strategies for ensuring accountability and user trust. To translate these principles into action, the Prep Suite offers in-depth coverage of the AI development lifecycle, project management best practices tailored to AI initiatives, and the collaborative risk management approaches employed by key stakeholders.

Recognizing the influence of law and regulation on AI development and deployment, the curriculum dedicates significant attention to existing legal frameworks, global AI-specific legislation, and ongoing debates surrounding liability and intellectual property rights. Finally, you'll engage with the complex ethical considerations surrounding AI, from auditing and accountability to addressing concerns about privacy, surveillance, and potential job displacement. This comprehensive curriculum prepares you to confidently tackle the AIGP Certification Exam and to become a valuable asset in any organization navigating the challenges and opportunities of AI governance.

Pricing and Special Offers

We understand that preparing for a professional certification represents a significant investment. That's why we've designed a tiered pricing model to reward those who start their AIGP journey early. Here's how it works:

  • February Introductory Offer: Secure access to the full AIGP Exam Prep Suite – including the Assessment, comprehensive Study Guide, and the foundational elements of our eLearning course – for only €545.
  • March Pricing: If you enroll in March, the price increases slightly to €645, giving you immediate access to start your preparations.
  • April Onwards: Starting in April, the price of the AIGP Exam Prep Suite will be €745. Importantly, even this full price remains lower than the cost of the AIGP Certification Exam, ensuring you receive exceptional value for your investment.

Invest in Your Future

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity! By enrolling now, you can begin your preparations immediately, maximizing the time you have to master the material. You'll have access to the Assessment to create your customized study plan and to the comprehensive Study Guide to track your progress. The full eLearning course is currently being tested and will automatically be added to your dashboard next week. The Trial Exam, which is included in the package as well, will be released before the end of March, in time for your final repetition.

Why Our Prices are So Competitive

We're committed to making AI governance education accessible to everyone. Our pricing model reflects our belief that you shouldn't have to pay for unnecessary overhead costs like hiring a physical location or external trainers. Our comprehensive eLearning resources, coupled with our extensive Study Guide, provide all the materials you'll need for success, eliminating the need for additional, costly resources.

Join the AIGP Study Group

Members of the AIGP Study Group receive an exclusive 30% discount on these already competitive prices! This makes your journey to AIGP certification even more affordable and provides access to a supportive community of fellow professionals. To gain this incredible discount, simply join our free AIGP Study Group on Facebook and take advantage of this incredible offer!

The launch of the AIGP Certification Exam marks a significant milestone in the field of AI governance. Starting your preparations now ensures you'll be among the first to hold this prestigious credential. Our Exam Prep Suite provides detailed guidance, extensive resources, and tailored support to help you achieve your goal. We've meticulously designed every aspect to ensure a thorough understanding of the exam content and provide the confidence you need to excel on exam day.

Are you a student or a teacher at a university interested in incorporating cutting-edge AI governance education into your curriculum? Our AI Governance focus could offer a comprehensive and structured solution. Contact us at to discuss collaboration opportunities.

The time to act is now! Take advantage of our limited-time introductory pricing and the special AIGP Study Group discount. Invest in your future and position yourself as a leader in the field of AI governance. Your success starts today!

* mentioned prices are excluding VAT

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