A Balance between Automation and a Personal Approach

22Academy just launched in 2022, but we have been around for years, delivering you personalized e-learning (PRIVACY-courses) and the most accurate trial exams (PRIVACY-exam), as a part of PRIVASY.eu. 22Academy provides you with complete education solutions! We give you the guidance you need with your study, based on your personal situation. Study anytime, anywhere, and whenever it suits you. We will make you certify with experience! Because of our personal approach, where the students can decide the contents of their training course, we not only provide a very cost-effective education solution, but we’re saving the students a lot of time. All our processes are automated, but no less personal; with our assessment tests, the individual can make a personal study plan and save time by skipping the areas that are already known.

After taking a trial exam, the student can request a personal results analysis, which tells him/her exactly which areas to focus on in the remainder the study. Because all these processes have been automated, we can save a lot of money on trainers, training locations, and overhead, which allows us to deliver our products for a fraction of the normal price. Keeping a low price means our platform is more accessible and we can help more people.

650+ successful certifications

Our guided self-study approach will help you certify!

At 22Academy you can create your own study plan, tailor-made to your personal needs. We have created assessment tests to determine the level of your prior knowledge. Based on your results, you will know exactly which courses and exams will benefit you the most. Put your own plan together with the help of our recommendations.

Our assessment tests are freely available to our subscribers, so they are accessible to anyone who wants to know where they stand. It will save so much time and money to focus your study on the things you don’t know yet and skip the parts with which you are already familiar.

There is a better, less time-consuming way, than spending multiple full-length days in a classroom. Traditional, in-person training courses will cost you thousands of Euros, which is a complete waste of your money. We designed our study plan specifically for those that just have one or two hours a day, next to a fulltime job or otherwise busy schedule. Our approach motivates you to study and be disciplined, whilst giving your mind the chance to retain the information that you have learned. You decide when and where you study! You even decide how long your course will take, the suggested schedule adjusts automatically to your target date, and you can change that anytime you like.

It doesn’t stop at a personally designed training course; during your study you can practice with the available tools like digital and physical flash cards, and finish with a full length trial exam in a professional environment that is closest to the real thing. We make you certify with experience for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives!

We are always on lookout for certified professionals that want to help us create training courses and trial exams. If you think you have what it takes to create a training course and write exam questions in your area of expertise, then we would love to hear from you. Our approach is a little different than that from traditional training companies, so we can offer our students a personal study experience, that is not only more effective and sustainable, but also much cheaper than the alternatives.

If you are interested in helping hundreds of students with your knowledge, please take a look at the 22Academy Scholar Program. You’ll see that we are not just there for the students, but we offer you the best benefits as an exam creator as well. The pay-out is about five times higher than that of other e-learning platforms.


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