CIPP-E Beginners Package

The CIPP-E Beginners Package is the most comprehensive and budget-friendly option available for those that are new in the field of privacy. It features 27 modules that offer an interactive and stimulating learning experience, so you can reach your certification goals without having to purchase additional materials such as textbooks. 

This package includes the full training course, the challenging mock exam, and the printable version of the CIPP-E flashcards.   

To help you understand the material better and remember it longer, this course provides real-life examples, video demonstrations, slideshows, and frequent repetition of all content.  Our system eliminates the need for long classroom sessions; it will create an individualized study plan for you, so that you can easily combine studying with your busy schedule and full-time job.   

Avoid extended readings - use your time wisely and listen to the articles while driving or working out. Our quizzes and flashcards will help you review the material covered in each module.  22Academy believes in a personalized approach to learning - that’s why our courses are designed for every level and your study plan will be tailored to suit your individual situation.

This package includes the best CIPP-E trial exam available today. Take the trial exam about a week prior to your certification exam, to make absolutely sure you're ready. An analysis of your score can be booked optionally, because you might not need it. 

We offer our courses at a lower price, so that everyone can benefit from them. This CIPP-E Beginners Package covers the entire curriculum and background information on all subjects, so you don’t need to pay for other resources; not even for a textbook. Join us and start your journey towards certification now!

Package Content

27 modules 102.5 hours

90 questions 150 min

Money Back Guarantee! Should you fail your certification exam after passing our trial exam, you will get a full refund!

The Fasttrack to Certification!