AIGP Primer

Welcome to the AIGP PRIMER - your gateway course to the AIGP Curriculum.
Introducing you to the captivating world of AI governance, the AIGP Primer is a starters course for those that want to get acquainted with the foundations of AI Governance. This is not sufficient to prepare you for the certification exam, but an affordable way to see if the investment will be worth it. This course is designed to provide you with a strong foundation, preparing you for the full AIGP certification curriculum which is available here:
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The AIGP Primer features a unique structure; each lesson covers a domain in the course. Each lesson is designed to take about an hour of your time, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.
By offering a gradual, in-depth exploration of the subject matter, our goal is to help you become familiar with the essential aspects of AI governance. We believe this approach will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the material, igniting your interest in becoming a Certified AI Governance Professional.
Join us on this educational journey, and who knows, by the end of the AIGP Primer, you might find yourself eager to pursue the full certification and embrace the future of responsible AI. Welcome to the AIGP Primer – where your journey towards AI governance excellence begins!

Target Audience:

  • Professionals from diverse backgrounds, including compliance, risk management, legal, and data science.
  • Individuals interested in AI governance and its responsible development.
  • Those considering a career as a Certified AI Governance Professional.
  • Anyone looking to gain essential insights into AI governance in a structured, gradual manner.

Course Content

7 lessons 7 hours

  • Module 1: "Understanding the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence"

Gain insights into AI and machine learning, explore various AI systems and their applications, and contextualize AI models within a broader socio-cultural framework.

  • Module 2: "Understanding AI Impacts and Responsible AI Principles"

Identify the risks posed by ungoverned AI systems on society and individuals. Discover essential principles for creating trustworthy and ethical AI.

  • Module 3: "Understanding How Current Laws Apply to AI Systems"

Survey the existing legal landscape governing the use of artificial intelligence.

  • Module 4: "Understanding the Existing and Emerging AI Laws and Standards"

Examine global AI-specific laws and governance frameworks, such as the EU AI Act and Canada’s Bill C-27.

  • Module 5: "Understanding the AI Development Life Cycle"

Explore the context in which AI risks are managed and navigate the AI development life cycle.

  • Module 6: "Implementing Responsible AI Governance and Risk Management"

Learn how major AI stakeholders collaborate in a layered approach to manage AI risks while maximizing the benefits of AI systems for society.

  • Module 7: "Contemplating Ongoing Issues and Concerns"

Engage in discussions about the evolving landscape of AI governance and the ongoing issues that shape it.

Join us on this educational journey through seven modules, each unlocking essential insights into the dynamic world of AI governance.
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