AIGP Exam Prep Suite

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The AIGP Exam Prep Suite is a comprehensive certification preparation package designed specifically for professionals aiming to excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence Governance. This all-encompassing course package offers a structured and detailed approach to mastering the AIGP certification, ensuring you possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed.

Assessment – Study Guide – eLearning Course – Practice – Trial Exam

  1. Begin your journey with the 60-question Online Assessment to pinpoint areas requiring further attention, tailoring your study plan to your specific needs. The assessment results will show you which of the eight modules will require your most attention.
  2. Download the 151-page Study Guide (PDF) and flag the modules that require your most attention. This will help you to determine the time you will need and it prevents nasty surprises during your study.
  3. Start your Full Curriculum eLearning Course and adjust the desired end date; your Personal Study Schedule will be made automatically.
  4. In your course, watch the Videos, read and listen to the Articles, practice with the Flash Cards, check the Resources, and answer the questions in the Quiz at the end of each of the 26 Lessons.
  5. After mastering a module in your online course, complete the checklist in your Study Guide and take the Module Test, with 25 Multiple-Choice Questions for each module. 
  6. Complete the Special Assignments in your Study Guide, to practice recognizing and making Multiple-Choice Questions and learn how to approach the Scenarios in your Exam.
  7. After completing all the 8 Modules in your course and the Module Tests in your Guide, it’s time to see if you’re ready for the real thing! Take the AIGP Trial Exam. If you pass this 100-questions test on the first attempt, you will also pass your Certification Exam. 
  8. The Trial Exam does not come with an answer key, but an in-depth Results Analysis, will tell you exactly which Modules, Lessons and Topics you need to revisit before going up for your certification exam. 

AIGP Exam Prep Suite Statistics

  • A total of 586 Questions to practice with!
  • 151-page Study Guide!
  • 3 Special Assignments to help you study effectively!
  • 8 Modules with Videos!
  • 26 Lessons!
  • 279 Flash Cards!
  • Over 200 Articles with audio!
  • Over 250 Concept Explanations!
  • 100-Question Trial Exam!

In Charge of your Study

  • Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace, with materials designed for efficient learning, whether at home or on the move.
  • Study Statistics: A dedicated course statistics page allows for continuous tracking of your learning progress, ensuring you stay on track.
  • Checklists: a list with the most important concepts is available for every Module, assuring you will master every topic before proceeding to practice with the Tests.
  • Trial Exam: take the trial exam about 6 days prior to your certification exam for confidence and to be sure you are ready. 
  • Benefit from free, ongoing Support throughout your study journey.
  • Gain access to the latest Course Materials, ensuring you study with the most current and relevant content.
  • You’ll have access to your Courseware until you are certified, regardless of how long that will take. 

Enroll in the AIGP Exam Prep Suite today and ensure your success in achieving the AIGP certification, marking a significant milestone in your professional career in AI governance!

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Package Content

AIGP Certification Prep Course: 26 lessons 65 hours

AIGP Exam Prep Assessment: 60 questions 75 min

AIGP Trial Exam: 100 questions 180 min

AIGP Study Guide file

What you will learn:

Module 1

  • Understanding AI Fundamentals: Gain a foundational knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, including various AI systems and their applications in the real world, within a broader socio-cultural context.

Module 2

  • Risks and Trustworthy AI: Uncover the core risks associated with AI systems, learn about the features that make AI trustworthy, and understand the principles essential for ensuring AI is used responsibly and ethically.

Module 3

  • AI Development Life Cycle: Explore the lifecycle of AI development, focusing on the broader context necessary for effectively managing AI risks.

Module 4

  • Collaborative Risk Management: Delve into the collaborative, layered strategies employed by major AI stakeholders to balance risk management with the societal benefits of AI systems.

Module 5

  • Project Management in AI: Learn the essentials of mapping, planning, and scoping AI projects, and acquire skills in testing, validation, and the post-deployment management and monitoring of AI systems.

Module 6

  • AI and Law: Navigate the existing legal frameworks governing AI, understand the intersections with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and gain insight into liability reforms in the AI domain.

Module 7

  • Global AI Legislation: Familiarize yourself with global AI-specific laws, major frameworks, and standards that are critical for the responsible governance of AI systems.

Module 8

  • AI Governance and Ethics: Engage in discussions on AI governance to enhance awareness of legal challenges, user concerns, and the complexities of AI auditing and accountability.


Who This Course Is For:

  • Certification Seekers: Individuals aiming to become Certified AI Governance Professionals, looking for a comprehensive prep course that covers all necessary areas of knowledge to pass the certification exam.
  • Career Advancers: Those looking to future-proof their career by gaining expertise in a field that is increasingly relevant across industries, seeking to position themselves advantageously in the job market with specialized knowledge in AI governance and ethics.
  • Technology Professionals: Individuals working in tech-related fields who seek to deepen their understanding of AI technologies and their applications.
  • Data Scientists and Analysts: Professionals looking to expand their expertise in AI and machine learning for enhanced data analysis and interpretation.
  • Legal and Compliance Officers: Those responsible for navigating the complex legal landscape of AI, including privacy professionals, legal advisors, and compliance officers who need to understand AI's implications on data protection and compliance.
  • AI Ethicists and Policy Makers: Individuals involved in the development of policies and ethical guidelines for AI use, including ethicists, policy makers, and governance officials.
  • Project Managers and Business Leaders: Professionals who oversee AI projects and strategies, seeking knowledge on effective AI project management, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Academics and Researchers: Scholars and researchers interested in the socio-cultural impact of AI, ethical considerations, and the evolving legal framework surrounding AI technologies.
  • Students in STEM and Social Sciences: Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and social sciences who are keen on exploring AI's multifaceted roles.
  • AI Enthusiasts and Lifelong Learners: Anyone with a keen interest in artificial intelligence and its broader impacts on society, looking for structured and comprehensive insights into the field.
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