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CIPP-E Advanced Course

Opt for our advanced CIPP/E Exam preparation course, delivering optimal coverage and value. With 11 concise modules, it covers the entire CIPP-E Curriculum for experienced professionals. Engage interactively with real-life examples, videos, and slideshows, while saving on additional resources. Enjoy flexibility with a personalized study plan that accommodates your busy schedule. Listen to articles on the go and assess your knowledge through quizzes and flashcards. With tailored courses at an affordable price, start your certification journey today and study effectively with 22Academy.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who need a foundational understanding of information privacy and data protection.
  • Anyone interested in pursuing the CIPP/E certification.
  • The course in this package is especially designed for seasoned professionals that are experienced in the privacy and data protection landscape, and only miss the certification.


  • 11 comprehensive modules that each contain several concise Articles to read or listen to, videos, slides, free resources, a glossary, and a quiz to test what you have learned in that module.
  • Personalized Study Schedule, based on when you need to finish your training course. Your schedule is made automatically, and will adjust when you change your desired end date.
  • Study Statistics that will allow you to keep track of your progress at any time.
  • Digital Flashcards with definitions of all important concepts are available in the course.

Course Content

11 lessons 33 hours

What you will learn

The training courses offered by 22Academy are organized into modules. Following every four or five modules, a repetition module is incorporated to review the theory previously covered. Each module includes a quiz comprising multiple questions. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will gain access to the subsequent module.

The training course in this package consists of only 11 modules, covering the entire CIPP/E curriculum. The advanced level covers all information in a concise form to save time, this means we assume you are already familiar with the concepts and experienced in the field. 

  • Module 1: Course Introduction 

Introduction to the course with an explanation of how the courseware works, how you can set your preferred end date, where and how to book your exam and if you should become a member of IAPP. It will include some tips on how to save money as well (don’t buy a textbook just yet). 

  • Module 2: History and Legislative Framework 

We will discuss the complete first domain of the curriculum, covering the Rationale for data protection, Human rights laws, the OECD Guidelines, the Council of Europe, Convention 108+, Brexit, the European Institutions like the European Court of Human Rights, the Parliament, and the Commission, and you will find articles about The CoE Convention, The EU Data Protection Directive, The ePrivacy Directive the NIS Directive and The EU Artificial Intelligence Act.

  • Module 3: GDPR – Concepts, Scope, Principles

This module is an introduction to the GDPR and will tell you about the concepts of data protection, like all forms of Personal data, Processing, Controllers, etc. It then goes deeper into the Material and Territorial Scope of GDPR and finishes with the Principles that include Fairness and lawfulness, Purpose limitation, Proportionality, Accuracy, Storage limitation and Integrity and confidentiality.

  • Module 4: Legal Bases and Subject Rights

This module will discuss the Lawful Processing Criteria like Consent, Legitimate interests and processing Special categories of data. And we will thoroughly go into Data Subject Rights, like the Right to Access, the Right to be forgotten, the Right to Data portability, but also the limitations to rights.

  • Module 5: Repeat and Test

As mentioned, this module is to repeat the previously learned materials.

  • Module 6: Security and Accountability

In this module we will discuss about topics like Appropriate technical and organizational measures, Encryption, Breach notifications, Vendor Management and we dive deeper into the concepts of Data protection by design and by default, Data protection impact assessments (DPIA), Data Protection Officers and Auditing.

  • Module 7: International Data Transfers

This module is about the Rationale for prohibition, Adequate jurisdictions, data transfers between the EU and the US, covering Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield, the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework and the implications of the ‘Schrems decisions’. Furthermore, we take a look at transfer mechanisms like, Standard Contractual Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules, Codes of Conduct and Certifications, Derogations and Transfer impact assessments (TIAs).

  • Module 8: Authorities and Consequences

This module covers Supervisory authorities and their powers, The European Data Protection Board and the role of the European Data Protection Supervisor. We will also discuss the consequences of GDPR violations with the Process and procedures, Infringements and fines, Class actions and data subject compensation.

  • Module 9: Compliance and New Technologies

This module covers the third domain of the curriculum. We’ll dive deeper into Employment, processing employee data, BYOD programs, surveillance techniques, CCTV and biometrics. The second part of the module concerns (direct and online) marketing, cookies, social media, but also the newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and the ethics around it. 

  • Module 10: Repeating Previous Topics

This is the last module in which previously studied topics will be repeated and tested.

  • Module 11: Concluding Your Course

The final module of this course will tell you what to do next and how to get ready for that challenging certification exam. After this, you are ready to take the trial exam and fine-tune your gained knowledge.


If you're looking to enhance your privacy knowledge, the CIPP-E Advanced Course on is worth considering. With 11 quick modules containing articles, videos, and quizzes, it provides a comprehensive learning experience. The personalized study schedule helps you stay organized, and the study statistics enable progress tracking. No need to invest in additional resources—the course has you covered.


Enhance Your Privacy Knowledge!

The CIPP-E Advanced Course on is a solid choice for privacy enthusiasts. With 11 comprehensive modules featuring articles, videos, and quizzes, it offers valuable knowledge expansion. The personalized study schedule keeps you on track, and the study statistics provide helpful progress insights. No need to spend extra money on resources—the course covers it all.


Solid Course for Privacy Enthusiasts!
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