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CIPP-E Trial Exam

This practice examination is an excellent resource for preparing for the CIPP/E certification. According to our students, this is the most accurate trial exam available to prepare for the certification exam! 

  • Regular Updates: Incorporates new questions regularly to reflect the latest in privacy laws and standards.
  • Realistic Exam Simulation: Features challenging questions, scenarios, and a countdown timer to mirror actual exam conditions.
  • Single Attempt: Emulates the one-chance format of the CIPP/E exam, encouraging thorough preparation.
  • Personal Results Analysis: Offers a detailed review of your results to identify areas needing improvement.

Important Note: To maintain educational integrity, the practice test provides a results analysis rather than an answer key or specific questions and answers post-assessment. This approach ensures emphasis on understanding the theory and principles, essential for success on the varied questions of the actual exam.

Participants who passed this trial exam on their first attempt have a proven track record of success, with 100% also passing their certification exam subsequently. This preparation can significantly reduce the need for costly retakes and boost your confidence in achieving certification.

Exam Content

90 questions 150 min


I highly rate the trial exam offered by 22academy.com for CIPP/E exam readiness. It is the most accurate and up-to-date practice test available. The challenging questions and realistic scenarios closely match the actual exam format. The countdown clock adds a sense of pressure, mimicking the exam environment. For a comprehensive study approach, opt for result analysis to identify weak areas. This invaluable feedback helps focus your remaining study time.


Boost Your Confidence with the Best Trial Exam!

The trial exam provided by 22academy.com is highly recommended for CIPP/E exam preparation. It closely resembles the actual exam, with challenging questions and scenarios. The countdown clock adds a realistic touch, enhancing the practice experience. For the best results, ensure you are well-prepared before attempting the exam. Opting for the results analysis is beneficial, as it highlights weak areas and subjects requiring more attention during your study.


Effective Practice for CIPP/E Exam!
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