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CIPP/E Support Package

The CIPP/E Coach Study Program includes a complete eLearning Course, covering the entire CIPP/E Curriculum. This training course consists of 18 modules. You will have a personal experience, tailored to your personal situation. The training course consists of many videos, slides, texts, audio, a glossary, resources and challenging quizzes at the end of each module.

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This package includes comprehensive assignments that will make you study more effectively, and to make sure you are ready to pass your exam with time to spare. We will emphasize the different question structures and scenario questions.

You'll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need and get personal support during the entire program.

Target Audience
  • Individuals who need a foundational understanding of information privacy and data protection.
  • Anyone interested in pursuing CIPP/E certification.
  • Anyone who want to be sure they will certify within 30 days.
  • 18 comprehensive modules that each contain several Articles to read or listen to, videos, slides, free resources, a glossary, and a quiz to test what you have learned in that module.
  • Personalized Study Schedule, to make sure you pass your exam on the first attempt, within 30 days.
  • Study Statistics that will allow you to keep track of your progress at any time.
  • Digital Flashcards with definitions of all important concepts are available in the course.
  • A print version of the Flashcards (PDF) will be available to download from your Dashboard.
  • Twice the most accurate and complete Trial Exam available today, including 90 multiple choice questions and several scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Assignments to help you study and confidently pass your certification exam with time to spare.
  • All materials are updated regularly, and you will always have access to the latest version of the courseware and trial exam, no matter when you have made your purchase or started your course.

Package Content

CIPP-E Coach: 18 lessons 54 hours

CIPP-E Trial Exam A: 90 questions 150 min

GDPR Flash Cards file

What you will learn

Week 1: 
  • Support Session 1: we will discuss your personal situation, the CIPP/E curriculum and booking your exam.
  • Training Course: you will complete the first 6 modules of your eLearning Course, covering an introduction, the History of Data Protection, the European Institutions, the Legislative Framework, the GDPR Concepts, and the Matererial and Territorial Scope of the GDPR.
  • Assignment: you will start with a comprehensive assignment about effective learning,that will benefit you during the entire program.
Week 2:
  • Support Session 2: we will discuss your homework assignment and any questions you have so far. You now know what the GDPR is and where it came from. After this we will dive deeper into the articles of the GDPR. The coming week is most important for the theory.
  • Training Course: you will complete modules 7 to 12 of your eLearning Course, covering the GDPR Principles, the Legal Bases and Information Provision, Data Subject Rights, Security and Accountability.
  • Assignment: you will learn how to recognize and make different sorts of multiple-choice questions on an exam level.
Week 3:
  • Support Session 3: we will discuss your homework assignment and see the quality and complexity of the result (the multiple-choice questions). We will also discuss any other questions you might have and prepare you for the last week of study before the final practice week.
  • Training Course: you will complete modules 13 to 18 of your eLearning Course, covering International Data Transfers, Supervision, Enforcement and the Consequences of GDPR violations, Employment & Surveillance, Marketing and New Technologies.
  • Assignment: you will learn how to approach scenario questions and you will practice extensively with scenario and questions that are similar to what you can expect in the exam.
  • Testing: After completion of the training course, you’re ready to take the trial exam. The analysis is available afterwards and it will tell you exactly which topics to revisit in your course.
Week 4:
  • Support Session 4: we will discuss your homework assignment and give you more tips about scenario questions. We will then briefly go over the trial exam results and explain what to study during the final week of preparations. We will give a first recommendation on whether to take the exam or to postpone it.
  • Training Course: you will get back to the modules and quizzes that were most difficult for you, based on the analysis of your trial exam results.
  • Testing: this final trial exam is to get into the flow before your exam. If all went well, you’ll be ready to take your exam.
After that it's not just Exam Day, but Certification Day!


I was really looking up to this exam and I tried a few times before to start. Now, after postponing the exam, I finally passed thanks to the Support program! Especially the practice assignments made me feel very confident and helped me to stay disciplined throughout the course. The coach is nice and was always there for questions. The information in the online course can be overwhelming sometimes, but if you approach it with the tips from the assignment, its manageable, even with my job. When I took the first mock exam at the end, I thought I wouldn't make it again, but after you can focus on the difficult subjects, try it again, and then it's a lot easier. All in all it made me confident and I felt comfortable taking the exam.


Great motivator

It was harder than I expected, but I passed the CIPP/E! The program is highly recommended and it really motivated me to study every day. The eLearning course is very clearly structured and provided comprehensive coverage with videos, slides and texts,, and I especially liked that I could just listen to the texts instead of reading everything. There are a few homework assignments that kept me engaged and were motivating to continue learning. Also, the personal video sessions were invaluable, as they allowed me to address specific concerns and receive tailored guidance. Overall, the CIPP/E Coach is highly recommended!


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