CIPP/E Update Course

To prepare you for the upcoming changes in the CIPP/E curriculum, we have designed a concise update course for those taking their exam after October 2nd, 2023. This course covers all the new materials, ensuring you are well-prepared and confident during your exam. Please note that this course exclusively focuses on the updates and does not cover the entire curriculum. For comprehensive courses that include all updates, we offer three different levels:

Engage interactively with real-life examples, videos, and slideshows, all while saving on additional resources. Enjoy flexibility with a personalized study plan tailored to accommodate your busy schedule. Listen to articles on the go and assess your knowledge through quizzes and flashcards. With our affordable, tailored courses, you can embark on your certification journey today and study effectively with 22Academy.

Join us and stay ahead in the world of data protection with 22Academy's CIPP/E Update Course.


Target Audience

  • Individuals seeking a foundational understanding of the revised and added subjects in the CIPP/E Curriculum.
  • Aspiring CIPP/E certification candidates.
  • Privacy Professionals looking to update their knowledge of the ever-changing privacy landscape.
  • Individuals who have previously studied the curriculum through a training course from another provider and wish to prepare for the updated exam.
  • Individuals who previously attempted the CIPP/E exam and plan to retake it from October 2023 onwards.



  • Comprehensive modules, each containing several concise articles for reading or listening, videos, slides, free resources, a glossary, and a quiz to evaluate your understanding of the module.
  • A personalized study schedule, automatically generated based on your desired course completion date. The schedule adjusts as you modify your end date.
  • Study statistics to help you monitor your progress at any time.
  • Digital flashcards featuring definitions of all important concepts, available within the course.

Course Content

13 lessons 16 hours

What you will learn

Among other subjects, there is an emphasis on the following topics in this update course.

  • Convention 108+: An updated version of the Council of Europe Convention 108 on data protection, which was adopted in 2018.
  • Brexit: The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, which took effect on January 31, 2020.
  • GDPR relationship with other laws: The GDPR is a comprehensive privacy law that builds on and harmonizes other EU data protection laws.
  • NIS directive: A directive that aims to improve the security of network and information systems across the EU.
  • EU Artificial Intelligence Act: A proposed regulation that would regulate the development and use of artificial intelligence in the EU.
  • Schrems decisions: A series of decisions by the European Court of Justice that have challenged the legality of the transfer of personal data from the EU to the United States.
  • Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework: An agreement between the EU and the US that aims to facilitate the transfer of personal data between the two regions.
  • Dark Patterns in social media: User interface designs that are intentionally deceptive or manipulative in order to influence users' behavior.
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