CIPM 4-Tests Package

Prepare for the CIPM exam with our specialized package of 4 Practice Tests, offering a comprehensive 200 multiple-choice questions. These tests are designed as an essential part of your CIPM study plan, providing ample opportunity for practice.

What’s Included:

  • 4 Practice Tests (Each with 50 Questions): Engage with 200 carefully formulated questions, ideal for testing your grasp on CIPM subjects. These tests are aimed at supplementing your study efforts, offering varied and relevant question types.
  • Versatile Testing Experience: Take the tests in a detailed online format that mirrors real exam conditions, or opt for the downloadable version with an answer key for offline review.
  • Study Routine Enhancement: These practice tests are vital for those actively preparing for the CIPM exam, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum.

For learners aiming to familiarize themselves with the actual exam scenario, we suggest our separate trial exam or packages that include the trial exam for a complete preparatory experience.

Package Content

CIPM Practice Test I: 50 questions 60 min

CIPM Practice Test II: 50 questions 60 min

CIPM Practice Test III: 50 questions 60 min

CIPM Practice Test IV: 50 questions 60 min

CIPM Practice Test I - Questions file

CIPM Practice Test I - Answers file

CIPM Practice Test II - Questions file

CIPM Practice Test II - Answers file

CIPM Practice Test III - Questions file

CIPM Practice Test III - Answers file

CIPM Practice Test IV - Questions file

CIPM Practice Test IV - Answers file

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