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We deliver personal training plans for every level

We provide you with tailor-made study plans, based on your prior knowledge and experience. Safe your time and money by only learning the materials you really need.

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22Academy is created with experience and offers tailor-made education solutions. Our sustainable training courses are designed to fit your situation, for just a fraction of the normal prices.

  • Tailor-made education plans to fit your experience and prior knowledge level!
  • The highest quality testing options to prepare you for certification exams!
  • Follow a course whenever and wherever you like, for as long as you want!
  • Complete training courses for just a fraction of traditional prices!

Courses and Exams developed by Certified Professionals

The highest quality training courses, tools and trial exams are created from experience. We are always looking for professionals to help us create more training courses. Together we can help more people get certified. Find out more about the benefits and requirements to become a 22Academy Scholar.


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