Top-10 AI Events of 2023

Top-10 AI Events of 2023

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023 has been nothing short of revolutionary, transforming industries and societal norms. This year, AI's transformative potential was on full display, with significant strides in technology raising both opportunities and challenges. However, alongside these advancements, the need for responsible and ethical AI development has become increasingly apparent. As AI becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, ensuring its development aligns with ethical standards and governance frameworks is crucial.

The Top-10

Now, let's delve into the top 10 events in AI Governance of 2023, reflecting on how these developments have shaped the landscape of AI and its governance:

  1. The passage of the EU AI Act in December 2023 marked a historic moment, establishing the world's first comprehensive law on AI. This groundbreaking legislation aimed to regulate AI development and deployment, focusing on risks to safety, rights, and the environment. It introduced a risk-based framework, putting high-risk AI applications like facial recognition and autonomous vehicles under greater scrutiny. This act is a significant step towards balancing AI's benefits with its potential risks, setting a precedent for future AI governance globally.

  2. October 2023's release of improved AI models for language processing, notably Google AI's LaMDA 2 and Microsoft AI's Megatron-Turing NLG 530B, represents a significant milestone. LaMDA 2 showed enhanced conversational capabilities, while Megatron-Turing NLG 530B, with over 530 billion words of training data, became the largest language model created. These developments not only signify technological advancements but also highlight the increasing complexity in AI governance, underscoring the need for robust frameworks to manage these evolving AI systems responsibly.

  3. In January 2023, a significant development in AI governance occurred when leading tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Meta, and Amazon embraced the AI Principles from the World Economic Forum. These principles provide a framework for ethical AI development, emphasizing crucial aspects such as fairness, transparency, and accountability. This collective endorsement by major industry players marks a pivotal shift towards standardized ethical practices in AI development and usage.

  4. The year 2023 also witnessed the establishment of new AI governance entities - the Global Partnership on AI for Development (GPAID) and the Global AI Ethics Initiative (GAIEI). These bodies focus on fostering responsible and equitable AI development and usage worldwide, particularly in developing nations. Their formation signifies a growing recognition of the need for collaborative international efforts in establishing uniform AI governance standards.

  5. 2023 saw a significant increase in AI safety research investment, reflecting a growing concern about AI's societal impact. Researchers focused on developing techniques to detect and prevent AI bias, enhance transparency, and mitigate AI-related risks. This surge in funding represents an acknowledgment of the vital role research plays in ensuring AI's responsible evolution.

  6. Public awareness of AI issues also grew substantially in 2023. Heightened concern about AI's societal implications led to more public debate and scrutiny, influencing how AI is developed and utilized. This shift in public consciousness is crucial in shaping AI policies and practices, ensuring they align with societal values and expectations.

  7. In 2023, international cooperation on AI regulation intensified, as countries worked together to develop common standards and frameworks. This collaboration is exemplified by the EU AI Act, a concerted effort to create a harmonized approach to AI governance. Such global cooperation is crucial for effective, uniform regulation of AI technologies.

  8. AI's potential for social good was further realized in 2023 through developments in sectors like education, healthcare, and environmental monitoring. These AI applications aim to tackle global challenges, demonstrating AI's capacity to contribute positively to society and improve human welfare.

  9. In October 2023, U.S. President Biden issued an executive order on the safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of AI. This directive established comprehensive measures for responsible AI development, including enhancing risk assessment and mitigation strategies. It emphasized the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion in AI development and affirmed that AI systems must uphold human rights and values. This order represents a significant commitment by the U.S. government to ensure AI technologies are developed and used beneficially and ethically.

  10. And finally, number 10, which for some (me 😉) is the most important and influential AI event in 2023: the launch of the AIGP Study Group. This initiative is designed for professionals seeking certification as Artificial Intelligence Governance Professionals (AIGP) through the IAPP. Complementing this, 22Academy also introduced the AIGP Primer Course. This course is an affordable and accessible way for individuals to get acquainted with AI Governance concepts and terminology, ideal for those still deciding on certification. The study group and primer course together provide a comprehensive platform for learning and networking in the field of AI governance.

As 2023 comes to a close, reflecting on the pivotal events in AI governance highlights the importance and complexity of this field. The passage of the EU AI Act and the U.S. Executive Order on AI underscore the necessity of clear ethical guidelines and regulatory frameworks. The formation of bodies like GPAID and GAIEI emphasizes the need for international cooperation in AI governance. The development of AI for social good and the increased scrutiny by governments and the public reflect a growing awareness of AI's potential and risks.

The AIGP Study Group's Role in AI Governance

To the members of the AIGP Study Group, your participation in this community is invaluable. Your commitment to understanding and shaping AI governance is not only enhancing your professional trajectory but also contributing significantly to this critical field. As we prepare to launch the full AIGP curriculum course in January 2024, your continued engagement will be crucial in navigating and influencing the future of AI governance.

As we step into 2024, let's carry forward the momentum and enthusiasm for AI governance. Your choice to specialize in this area is both timely and forward-thinking. The landscape of AI is ever-evolving, and your role in it is more important than ever. Here's to a year of continued learning, collaboration, and advancement in AI governance.

Happy New Year, and best wishes for a groundbreaking 2024 in your professional endeavors in AI governance!


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