CIPP-E Updates - Convention 108

CIPP-E Updates - Convention 108

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Convention 108+: Navigating the Modernization of Data Protection

In an increasingly digitized world, the protection of personal data has become a paramount concern. Convention 108, an international treaty adopted by the Council of Europe in 1981, laid the foundation for data protection standards. However, as the digital landscape evolved, so did the need for a modernized framework. In 2018, Convention 108 underwent a significant transformation, becoming Convention 108+. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Convention 108+ and explore its implications for data protection in the 21st century.

Understanding Convention 108

Convention 108 was a groundbreaking treaty that established fundamental principles for safeguarding personal data. These principles were binding for countries that ratified the convention, ensuring a common standard for data protection. Some of the core principles of Convention 108 included:

1. Purpose Limitation

Data could only be collected and processed for specific, legitimate purposes.

2. Data Minimization

Collecting only the data necessary for the intended purpose, reducing unnecessary intrusion.

3. Transparency

Individuals had the right to know who was collecting their data and for what purpose.

The Evolution to Convention 108+

As the digital landscape continued to advance, it became evident that Convention 108 needed an update to address new challenges. In 2018, Convention 108 was revamped into Convention 108+ to accommodate the complexities of the digital age. Let's explore the key changes brought about by this modernization:

1. Introduction of New Principles

Convention 108+ introduced two pivotal principles for the protection of personal data:

a. Principle of Accountability

Under this principle, data controllers are held responsible for complying with data protection regulations. They must implement measures to ensure data protection and demonstrate their adherence to these measures.

b. Principle of Privacy by Design

Privacy by design mandates that data protection should be incorporated into the development of systems and processes from the outset. It encourages data controllers to proactively consider privacy implications.

2. Strengthening of Individual Rights

Convention 108+ significantly bolstered the rights of individuals concerning their personal data:

a. Right to be Forgotten

Individuals have the right to request the deletion of their data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

b. Right to Data Portability

This right allows individuals to obtain and reuse their personal data for their own purposes across different services.

c. Right to Object

Individuals can object to the processing of their personal data, especially in cases where it is used for direct marketing or legitimate interests.

3. Expansion of Scope

In recognition of emerging technologies, Convention 108+ broadened its scope to include new technologies, such as:

a. Cloud Computing

The convention now covers data protection in cloud environments, ensuring the security of data stored in the cloud.

b. Biometrics

With the proliferation of biometric data usage, Convention 108+ offers guidelines for its responsible handling.

The Positive Impact

The modernization of Convention 108 into Convention 108+ marks a positive development for personal data protection. These new principles and strengthened rights aim to safeguard individuals' privacy in an era where data is ubiquitous. However, the implications of this transformation are profound, and countries must take specific steps to comply with the updated requirements.

Key Differences: Convention 108 vs. Convention 108+

To summarize, here are the key distinctions between Convention 108 and its modernized counterpart, Convention 108+:

New Principles: Convention 108+ introduces the principles of accountability and privacy by design.

Strengthened Rights: Convention 108+ empowers individuals with the right to be forgotten, data portability, and the right to object.

Expanded Scope: Convention 108+ now covers technologies like cloud computing and biometrics.

In conclusion, Convention 108+ stands as a beacon of data protection in a digital world fraught with challenges. Its principles and rights provide a robust framework for safeguarding personal data. As nations strive to adapt to the evolving digital landscape, Convention 108+ offers a guiding light toward a safer and more privacy-conscious future.


1. What is Convention 108?

Convention 108 is an international treaty established in 1981 by the Council of Europe, focusing on data protection principles.

2. Why was Convention 108 modernized?

The modernization of Convention 108 into Convention 108+ was necessary to address the challenges posed by the digital age, including the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

3. What are the new principles introduced by Convention 108+?

Convention 108+ introduced the principles of accountability and privacy by design, emphasizing data controller responsibility and proactive privacy considerations.

4. How does Convention 108+ strengthen individual rights?

Convention 108+ enhances individual rights with the right to be forgotten, data portability, and the right to object to data processing.

5. What technologies are covered by Convention 108+?

Convention 108+ extends its scope to cover technologies such as cloud computing and biometrics, ensuring comprehensive data protection in the digital era.

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