CIPP-E Focus Course - Supervision and Enforcement

The CIPP/E Focus Courses cater to individuals seeking a brief review of specific topics in the curriculum, rather than a comprehensive training course. They are designed for those preparing for the challenging CIPP/E exam who only require a refresher on certain subjects. 
This condensed eLearning course focuses on Supervision and Enforcement under the GDPR, specifically addressing Supervisory authorities and the Consequences of GDPR Violations.

Important Topics

The first part of your course covers Supervisory authorities and their powers, The European Data Protection Board and the role of the European Data Protection Supervisor.
The second part will discuss the consequences of GDPR violations with the Process and procedures, Infringements and fines, Class actions and data subject compensation.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who need a foundational understanding of Supervision and Enforcement under the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Anyone interested in pursuing CIPP/E certification.
  • Individuals who already took a training course but feel the need for more background information about this specific topic.
  • Individuals who took the CIPP/E trial exam, the analysis of which said to specifically focus on this topic before going up for the certification exam.
  • In case you consider purchasing more focus courses, it is advised to take them in the same order as the CIPP/E curriculum.


  • 10 comprehensive modules that each contain several articles to read or listen to, videos, slides, free resources, a glossary, and a quiz to test what you have learned in that module.
  • Personalized Study Schedule, based on when you need to finish your training course. Your schedule is made automatically, and will adjust when you change your desired end date.
  • Study Statistics that will allow you to keep track of your progress at any time.
  • Digital Flashcards with definitions of all important concepts of the CIPP/E curriculum are available in the course.
  • All materials are updated regularly, and you will always have access to the latest version of the courseware, no matter when you have made your purchase or started your course.

Course Content

10 lessons 14 hours


The CIPP/E Supervision and Enforcement focus course on provided an insightful exploration of data protection supervision and enforcement mechanisms. The modules offered a comprehensive overview of regulatory authorities, their powers, and the enforcement procedures they employ. The course materials were well-structured, with real-world case studies that enhanced my understanding of this crucial aspect of data protection. I highly recommend this focus course for anyone seeking to refresh their knowledge in this area.


Good course for this topic

The CIPP/E Supervision and Enforcement focus course on offered an in-depth study of data protection enforcement practices. The modules covered topics such as investigative powers, sanctions, and compliance monitoring in a comprehensive manner. The course materials provided valuable insights into the role of supervisory authorities and the enforcement mechanisms they employ. If you're looking to brush up on your knowledge of data protection supervision and enforcement, this focus course is a valuable resource.


In-Depth Study of Data Protection Enforcement
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